When you need more than a photograph to tell your story!

Do you have a concept for an advertisement? Do you need a photographer who can shoot and composite several photographs into one image? Do you need a vertical image but all you have is a horizontal to work with?

Sometime photography isn't enough to get your message across. It might not be enough to have a CEO of a company that makes chess games standing on a white background. What if he were standing between a King and a Queen piece? What if he was the King? Digital illustration, photo montage, image compositing, green screen compositing; it goes by many names but in the end, it is the groovy stuff that I live for.

Below are several examples of the magic I've done while working with art directors. They would come up with a layout and text treatment and would then give me a sketch from which to construct their vision. This kind of digital illustration and the retouching you see below takes a lot of patience; it takes a person who understands that the click of the shutter is just the beginning and someone who loves working in Photoshop.



Mark Gilvey is a photo retoucher, image compositor, and digital illustrator.
He is based in the Woodbridge - Manassas area and services Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, and beyond.