See description below on how this image was restored.

Remembering our past before it fades away or cracks to pieces.

Old photographs are our link with the past. Many people have old prints that are faded, cracked, and falling apart. Restoring your cherished memories or enhancing an aging photograph of an ancestor is a time-consuming process. Even with today's software, there is no push-button solution to what can take hours of time to repair. That said, don't you think it is worth bringing an important photograph back to its former glory? Instead of watching the color fade or the image crack off of a print, isn't it worth knowing you can now have a digital file produced that can be saved for many years without, fading, peeling, or cracking?

Adobe Photoshop has been the go-to program for image restoration for many years and Mark Gilvey has been working with it since 1993. But restoring a photo is not enough. Information about the person in the photo can be added to the file name and to the metadata. As computers are made smarter, they are beginning to read this information.

This means you'll never forget who was in the photograph, where it was taken, and what event surrounded it!

That is information you want to pass onto your family! Mark Gilvey Creative offers:

  • High resolution film and print scanning
  • Photo retouching and enhancement to your digital files
  • Photo restoration to make old photos look clean
  • Image captioning (metadata embedding) so your memories are preserved


Graduate Photo: The photo restoration above took 12 hours to remove dust, cracks on faces, and reconstruct the clothing that was covered up by the large white blotchy object at the bottom of the image. I also blurred the background, reduced the presence of the background objects, color corrected, added film grain to the background so it would match the grain in the couple. This photo was a typical 3R print (3" x 5") shot in the 1980s and scanned large enough so the owner could make an 8" x 10" print.

The file name contains the names of the two people and the meta description within the file includes where the photo was taken, the name of the event, and what was happening when the photo was taken—but more could be added.

Mark Gilvey is a restoration artist offering digital image repair and restoration of your photographs.
He is based in the Woodbridge - Manassas area and services Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, and beyond.