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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Do you photograph weddings, families, babies, seniors, and other family lifestyle events?

I do not, but I have a short list of people who specialize in wedding and lifestyle photography.

QUESTION: Do you shoot video?

I do not offer videography as a service at this point but again, I have a short list of people who do.

QUESTION: Do you offer any video services at all?

Yes! I am also a video editor specializing in short 1 - 5 minute videos that combine still images, graphics, text, narration, and music to life. You may have heard the term "motion graphics" used; that is what I do. I have made several music videos and eLearning modules that discuss a specific topic of concern. I have also made opening ceremony videos for conferences and conventions that utilize stills, graphics, text, narration and music. I can provide a demo reel upon request.

QUESTION: Are you a programmer and can you make an eCommerce website for me?

I am not a programmer, but I have a short list of people we can work with to develop your online shop into a website I design for you.

QUESTION: Can you help me with my WordPress site?

Yes! While I'm not WordPress developer, I am a WordPress designer and I can make your website look good and provide SEO services for getting your website found by the search engines.