Step into my office and leave the door open, we're all friends here.


I don't take pictures; I design images.

You can find brilliant web designers anywhere. You can find great graphic artists, but how many are also professional photographers or retouchers? Look no further, your search can stop right here.

Thank you for visiting Mark Gilvey Creative. I have spent my life working very hard to create images that cannot be taken with a single click of the shutter. I have been designing and working for and with art directors to make business goals come to fruition since 1985. My work has appeared in fliers, on posters, on television, in videos, multi-screen video/slide show presentations, on the covers of magazines like Washington Business Forward, Electrical Contractor, Penn Lines, Science News, in the White House and on board a Military vessel; the USS Iwo Jima LH7.

Photography = Graphic Design.

Using my skills as a graphic designer has helped me to see images in a way that many photographers can't. To me, photography is so much more than what I see in the viewfinder. It starts with a creative concept before the shutter is ever clicked. Then, an orchestra of events can take place during the shoot, but it doesn't stop there. Images may need to be combined with other elements like other photos, graphics, 3D illustration, text, and audio. After that, they must be optimized for the specific media on which they will be viewed. There's more than just a click involved and I can handle all of it!

It's not enough to just have a graphic designer for your project. Having a graphic designer who is also a professional digital illustrator, photographer, photo retoucher—that can open new opportunities to make you and your business look so much better! Did I mention that I am also optimize for the web? Got SEO.